Hausler Handyman Services

Hausler Handyman Services

Hausler Handyman ServicesHausler Handyman ServicesHausler Handyman Services

From patching holes to renovating bathrooms, if you need something done, I can do it right.  I have been a contractor and bui



Truly Green and Inovative

Sustainability is our passion.  Our projects try to balance energy efficiency with durability.  From custom solar designs to energy efficient appliances, we can get it done.


I can fix that for you.

Do you need that fixed?  From painting to plumbing, I can get it done for you.   I love getting handed a list of all the things people have wanted done on there house but have put off doing for a while and seeing their reaction when they all get completed. Please check out a list of some of the services I provide.


My customers feel comfortable calling me when something needs to get fixed.

Honesty and professionalism are what set me above other contractors.  My easy-going but straight-forward approach ensures your project gets done with minimal interruption in your daily routine while giving you the peace of mind that it is done right.

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I can fix or build just about anything

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Hausler Handyman services

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